The TI-Nspire graphing calculators can be very useful in helping with calculating and graphing various topics in statistics and mathematics. Learn how to use the graphing calculator through video tutorial. Many different uses will be explored. Click on the categories below to move to videos for that category. Once you get familiar with this calculator, it is awesome.


TI-Nspire graphing calculator make many statistics computations much easier.  Statistics hand calculations can be very time consuming and tedious. Using the Nspire will speed up calculations, and also reduce the chance for error.  The Nspire can be used to complete hypothesis tests and confidence intervals, complete many of the graphical displays, and many other topics.   Watch the videos to help better understand how to use for Statistics computations.  It is especially handy on the go, and during tests.


Create a Frequency Distribution
Find the Mean and Median
Finding the Weighted Mean
Approx. the Mean of a Histogram
Variance and Standard Deviation
Box Plot (Box and Whisker Plot)
Z-Interval for the Mean-Given Stats
Z-Interval for the Mean-Given Data
t-Interval for the Mean Given Data
t-Interval for the Mean Given Stats
z-Test Using P-Value
t-Test Using P-Value
1-Proportion z-Test Using P-Value 
Finding Critical Value z 
Finding Critical Value t 
Create a Pie Chart and Bar Graph
Scatter Plot and Correlation Coefficient
Linear Regression and Making Predictions


The Nspire is programmed with all of the most commonly used probability density functions (pdf) and cumulative density functions (cdf).  It makes computations easy especially for probabilities involving the Binomial, Normal, and t-distributions.  Watch videos to help you learn how to perform both pdf and cdf for many different distributions.

Creating a Discrete Probability Distribution
Mean, Variance, and St. Deviation Discrete Random Variable
Expected Value of a Probability Distribution
Binomial Probability
Binomial Probability Distribution
Probability for Normal Distribution
Find z-score
Find z-score Given Area
Probability of Mean of a Sampling Distribution
Finding Prob. Involving Combinations


The TI-Nspire can be very beneficial in an Algebra course. It is especially useful for checking solutions and graphing different functions.

Check a Rational Equation
Check an Equation with Negative Exponents
Check Solution of Polynomial Inequality
Solve a System of Equations Graphically
Find the Minimum of a Quadratic Function

Calculator Basics

Learn the basics of the Nspire graphing calculator.  This calculator can take some getting used to, and is very different from a typical calculator.  

Intro to the TI-Nspire Calculator