Solving equations is very important in Algebra.  Learn how to solve many different kinds of equations.  Currently there are examples on solving linear, quadratic, radical, rational,  polynomial, and absolute value equations.  More will be added in the future.  For all types of equations there are various levels of difficulty.  More examples will be added in the future.  If there are certain types that you need help with and there is not an example for that type, please fill out the contact form for suggestions.

Solving inequalities is very similar to solving equations in Algebra.  The biggest difference is that instead of having a finite number of solutions inequalities have a range of values or an interval of solutions. It is possible to have no solutions or all real numbers be the solution.  Multiple types of inequalities are addressed on this page.

In order to be a function, the relation can not have any repeating x-values. For every input, there is exactly one output. There are many types of functions used in Algebra. Learn how to do operations on functions, composite functions, and use the difference quotient. More topics will be added.

Currently there are video examples for graphing linear, quadratic, absolute value, and piecewise functions. Graphs of circles are also covered. Examples of finding the midpoint, the distance between two points, and extrema are covered. Graphing is common topic in Algebra, so there will be many different types added in the future.

Currently there are video examples for solving quadratic equations using various methods, and graphing quadratic equations.  More topics will be added on a regular basis.

Learn how to solve systems of equations by various methods. Currently there are systems of two equations that are solved graphically, by substitution and by elimination. There are also examples on solving systems of three equations, and solving nonlinear systems of equations.

Currently there are video examples for work, distance/rate/time,  simple interest  and variation word problems. There are varying levels of difficulty for each type. More types of word problems will be added at a later time. Word problems tend to give students the most trouble, so there will be many different types in the future.